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Friday, October 30, 2020

And He Keeps on Ticking!

  Long day. We just got home. But everything went well with Josh's procedure. Praise the Lord for one more good report for our miracle boy. It took a little longer than expected and then they made him lie still in recovery extra long. But he's "all fixed." This procedure was to cauterize an extra bundle of nerves in his heart that competed with the bundle of nerves that is supposed to control the heartbeat. It's amazing what they can do now, with very little invasion. This is all done by going in through a vein from the groin. Actually they used both sides, but it's still almost "no big deal," these days. He needs to be calm for a few days, but then he shouldn't have this irregular heartbeat problem any longer. man in hopital gown walking This was done a Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids. I was very impressed with the set-up, the communication, and even the food at the hospital. We were given a prep/recovery room that was ours alone for the entire day. No sharing of public spaces. We were allowed to have food in there, and they did everything except the actual procedure in the OR right in that one space.

There is no other news. This was all day. I could have taken my computer if I'd known there was a space I could have worked without distractions, but I took a book to read, so that was OK, too.

See some Joshua history


Ann said...

That's great news. It's amazing the things they can do these days. That was nice that you were allowed to go in too. My cousins was in the hospital a month or so ago (can't remember when) and her husband wasn't even allowed in the hospital.

Secondary Roads said...

That's good news. Praying for Josh.

Lin said...

I'm glad that all went well, and I hope he is up and about in no time. I'm sure it was a stressful time for all. Glad you had such great care!

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Very good news!"
Chaplin: "We are sending lots of purrs for Josh's continuing recovery!"
Lulu: "And I'm sending fluffy tail wags!"
Charlee: "Hey you know what? When Dada had 'The Event' and they did the thing in his brain, they went up through a vein in his groin too."
Chaplin: "Apparently that's like an all-access pass to the human body these days!"

Sharkbytes said...

Hey Ann, Chuck, Lin, and Dada- look at the four who took time to write a comment- the old blog pal syndicate! Somehow we all bonded even though it started out as a way to earn our 35 cents a day. Thanks a million!

Chaplin- I'm still trying to figure out how they manage to play around with that big vein without all the blood draining out while they do it.

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