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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Swingin' Low

  Today, for the first time since February, we were able to play handbells in the church service. What fun! It was a piece I especially like, too. You can't tell (because you can't see me in the back row), but I'm the one doing the occasional wood block beats. It's a medley of Swing Low Sweet Chariot and Deep River.

The rest of the service was neat too, in that it was the day the church burned the mortgage on their "new" building, built in 2008. See link for a neat story about the old building. And the old building is now the Ludington Area Center for the Arts where I've participated in quite a few events.

I actually acted on what Sundays are supposed to be- a day of rest. I created this video and another, and chilled and did some word puzzles. Quite nice.

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Ann said...

Excellent performance in the video. Sounds like a perfect Sunday

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Ann- It was really great to be doing this again.

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