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Monday, October 12, 2020

That Mystery Tree

  When Robert was here the other day we were talking again about the mystery tree back by the railroad tracks (because he's a tree enthusiast, so we often do botanical things together). It seems to be some sort of hybrid cherry tree, although it has never borne fruit. Some years, it is exceptionally beautiful, and it has a lovely shape. This was yesterday autumn orange hybrid cherry tree

It looks more mysterious today. And wetter landscape in rain

The rain didn't actually begin until late afternoon. I probably could have worked on the well pit. However, in the morning I was taking a class and doing an assignment about book advertising (which I'll be doing all week). Then in the afternoon I did some volunteer work, and read another book.

I thought I was done with this blog post, but the after-rain sunset decided to be a bit showy. That tree again. I do love it. autumn orange hybrid cherry tree

And the view straight west. orange sunset

Trying to make my mind get busy cooking up the details of the plot for the next Dead Mule Swamp mystery, but I'm continually drawn to the next Dubois Files book. Making notes, and trying to steer myself back to the other series. We'll see which one wins.

It looks like two more days of nice temperatures, then more rain, and then significantly colder. I'm going to try to finish the above-ground work on the well pit in those two warmer days.

See Finally Some Color


Ann said...

That tree is pretty. It sure stands out in a crowd.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- Yes it does!

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