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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Busy Day but No Cigar

  Am I mixing my metaphors in that title? I get no cigar because I still did not make it back to the well pit. However, I did accomplish a lot.

My friend, Robert, brought the rest of the cases of North Country Quest to my house. They had been in his garage since he helped me pick them up from the printer in January. My car wouldn't hold all of them. We had hoped to have the afternoon to "play" (usually something involving trees) but he had to basically turn around and go back to Grand Rapids. No fun in that. But all the books are now in my possession. man leaning on a stack of cases of books

I made the last batch of cookies for Saturday. These are chocolate chip cookies. Those of you who are Oceana County local will know the recipe- it's Mrs. R's. I plan to do a couple of quick breads tomorrow, and that will be the end of the baking. I've started to wrap sets of 3 cookies for sale. Can you believe I used to bake something almost every day when we had a house full of hungry boys? Glad those days are over. cookies

The other thing I accomplished was to write an article for the next issue of North Star, the magazine of the North Country Trail Association. It was not an easy article to write, and took quite a few hours. But, I got it done.

Add to all this, not sleeping well last night and I'm about done for today.

Any bets on tomorrow for the well pit?

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1 comment:

Ann said...

I don't know who Mrs R is but I've never met a chocolate chip cookie that I didn't like

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