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Monday, October 5, 2020

Gray Goldenrod

  I did accomplish some things today, but no pictures of interest. We will go back to the Baker Sanctuary for one more new plant. This is Gray Goldenrod, Solidago nemoralis. Notice that it blooms in feathery plumes. gray goldenrod

The flowers grow along one side of the droopy stems. gray goldenrod

The stems are gray, and have fine hairs, which I didn't really get a picture of. And the other thing I didn't get a good picture of is that there are tiny leaves in the axils of the upper leaves. I can see them if I blow up the picture so that it's way out of focus. I'll have to get better pictures the next time I encounter this species. gray goldenrod

In other news: I have the e-book for The Lonely Donkey nearly formatted. And I did a few other odds and ends. Tomorrow is going to be really busy.

See Baker Sanctuary


Ann said...

I was wondering why it was gray goldenrod

Sharkbytes said...

Gray stem, I think, Ann

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