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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Four Out of Three

  Yes, I got back to the well pit, and I accomplished four steps out of the three I had planned. Hooray for me!

First, I had to use expanding foam to close the gap between the blocks and the frame. Just ignore the old yellowed foam- that was from some previous iteration of this job when plywood was just laid over the pit. This task turned out to be as easy as I had hoped, and the one can was the perfect amount. expanded foam in a gap

While that set up, my next goal was to check the rolled roofing I knew we had in an outbuilding. I needed to see if there might be enough to do this shed, and to find out if it wasn't too dried out to use. The answer is that it's fine to use, but there is a little over half of what I need. rolled roofing

You can still get rolled roofing, but it's not clear to me from looking on line if the stuff you can get is the same. The newer stuff seems to have the pebbled surface the full width. I have to think about whether that matters. I don't care if the color matches exactly, I'd rather save the $35 if I don't have to buy two rolls.

Next, I wanted to get the sheets of 2" foam board in place. These needed to be cut to fit the four sections of the framing. Not too big a deal, except remember that none of this is square. Nevertheless, I got them cut and in place without too much trouble. This will be the primary insulation between the big open pit and the above-ground air. I suppose I could buy another can of the spray foam to seal in the three sections that don't have to move, but this is going to be so much better than has ever been on the pit before, I'm not thinking it matters too much. foam insulation boards

So, maybe you are asking, "But how do you now get inside?" The sheet that is in the quadrant where the hatch will be just pulls up and slides out of the way on top of the bracing. I added a little scrap-of-rope handle to make it easy to lift that corner of the sheet. Works great. rope handle on a foam insulation board

Those were the three steps on my to-do list. But I still had a little more time and energy, so I finished priming the back edge of the walls. And remember, I had to cover everything back up. It's unlikely to rain before I get back to this, but I'm not taking any chances now. short wall painted white

The next steps involve hauling those sheets of plywood around again. I'm not really looking forward to that part. That's about all I did today. (Started reading a good book.)

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1 comment:

Ann said...

A very productive day. Glad you anticipated the question about how you would get inside :)

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