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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Two Hour Time Lapse

  I'll tell you the end of the story first. The event went pretty well. Everyone sold a little bit, and a couple of people did fairly well. Almost all of the traffic was from people who drove by today and saw it going on. Very little attendance from my promotion on Facebook. No one thought it was a waste of time, so that is great!

Here's what the yard looked like at quarter to eight, when I went down to start setting up my tables. I wanted to be pretty much done before vendors started arriving, so that I'd be available for questions. empty lawn with a sign

Things were humming by quarter to ten. vendor event

I don't think a single car stopped until after 11 am. However things picked up considerably in the afternoon with a fairly steady trickle of browsers and customers.

My friend, Cathy, brought her caramel corn and loomed hats. I put her right next to me so we got to visit a fair amount. person selling caramel corn

A lot of my baked goods sold. The rest can go in the freezer. All of the bread is gone, and quite a few of the cookies. I sold a few books.

I'm trying to get into an event in Baldwin this coming weekend. First on the waiting list. Perhaps there is some hope for 2020 financially if places begin being brave enough to host events. If I don't get in, the next one I'm sure of is in December, although it may be cancelled.

Would I do it again? I would, but the point of this was to provide a space for vendors who are hurting for events this year. In most years, there are plenty of more highly organized things going on. Would it be productive to do again? I'm not sure. I have a great location. I have room for about four more booths, but after that I'd be in trouble on parking. At most events, the vendor fees go either to the entity hosting the event or for some charitable cause. If I were going to take money from vendors, I would need to provide better promotion and an amenity or two.

This evening, I get to crash. Tomorrow is another day.

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Ann said...

Glad things went well. Nice that you were able to provide the space so people could try and sell their wares.This has been a bad year for those relying on craft shows.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- it sure has!

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