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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

More Autumn Color

  Have some more samples of autumn color. I took these on my walk to the bank and the post office. colorful autumn leaves

I was very surprised to see some blooms still on the yellow rose bushes by the bank. yellow roses

These two maple trees are magnificent. orange maple trees

And a flower bed that is still looking nice. I thought these must be zinneas, but they smell like marigolds. yellow marigolds

I never got to the well pit today. I spent all day working on book sales record-keeping and other author-related stuff. Make no mistake, if you are going to do the self-publishing thing, you are running a small business. Then I went to bell choir practice, and grocery shopping.

I squeaked into a vendor event for this Saturday in Baldwin. The first copies of The Lonely Donkey came today, so I'll have them available.

See Yellow Rose of Michigan
See That Mystery Tree


Ann said...

Fantastic fall colors. Those maples really are show stoppers. Beautiful

Sharkbytes said...

HI Ann- It is nice to see some pretty ones. In general, I don't think we've gotten stellar color right where I am.

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