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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Exterior Completed!

  WooHoo! Give me a pat on the back. The exterior of the well pit cover is done. Here are the corner trim pieces with primer on them. primed trim pieces

Then they were painted brown and nailed over the corners. well pit cover corners

I did the last of the sealing of the rolled roofing, so I can take off the concrete blocks. It's on its own now to lay down, seal itself, and not get torn up by wind. well pit cover

The weather was decent for the job- mid 40s and a bit of sun. The clouds did an attractive little dance across the northern sky. clouds

Still that interior concrete work to finish, and an awful lot of cleaning up of junk around the perimeter, but a structure, after 47 or 48 years (I can't remember exactly which year the first shed burned) is replaced.

In other news: I worked on notes for Dead Mule Swamp Singer. But I confess to adding some notes to the file for the next kids' book too. It just keeps coming to me, so I better write it down!

See Almost Exterior


Ann said...

Amazing job. Nice to have that job completed before the snow flies.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- that was my goal!

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