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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Still Babies

  I hadn't seen the twins for quite a few days. I hoped that meant they might have joined up with some other deer. But they showed up in my yard again today. I got a picture with the two of them. The larger one is farther away so they don't look too different in size, but they are even more different than a week ago now. twin fawns

Here is the small one. She (I am assuming) is very thin, and her coat doesn't look too healthy. I don't think she's grown since last week. fawn

Here is the larger one. It (he?- not sure) is quite healthy and frisky. They don't mind me coming out on the deck and talking to them. fawn

In other news: This was day two of the Midwest Writer's Workshop. There have been four sessions already. I skipped one about creating comic books, but have two more this evening. I couldn't sleep last night, so the good news is that I wrote a chapter. The bad news is that I'm really tired already. But the sessions have been really great.

See How Are the Twins?


Ann said...

Aww, poor thing. She does look smaller and thinner than the other

Lin said...

Aw, shoot. I hope she makes it.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Bambis! I hope the thin one starts catching up on the weight gain!"

Sharkbytes said...

Ann and Lin- I'm sure she'll be more vulnerable this fall.

Lulu- We have a lot of Bambis. I have become attached to these ones. Probably to my detriment.

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