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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Not the Day I Planned

  I went downstairs to take a shower this morning, and discovered that the rug felt really strange under my feet.
wet footprints

Uh oh. The utility room had water on the floor, not all of it going down the drain.
flooded floor

But the real problem is that it's probably been leaking since sometime Saturday which was the last day I was downstairs. The carpeting in a large part of the basement is soaked through.
flooded basement

Repair guy came this afternoon. It's a valve in the water heater, but they may not be able to get replacement parts which will mean a new water heater. It hasn't been dripping for 3 days, but gushing hot water.

I've been working on moving things and drying it out. I've got about half of the area cleared. I need the floor here to finish drying so I have room to move the things from the other half onto it so I can pull up that carpet.
flooded basement

This is a lot more serious physical activity than I really wanted to take on just yet. I was starting to ache less, but now I've fixed that. Oh well. Hopefully, I can clear the rest of the area tomorrow.

I did get to the store and post office. This is by far my busiest day since I've been home. Tomorrow promises to be similar.


Ann said...

Oh no. Not a fun chore at all. Hope they are able to get the part to fix it so you don't have to replace the whole thing.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Oh no! All that water all over the house, that's not where it's supposed to go!"
Charlee: "Dennis told us about how many years ago our hot water pipes sprang a leak under the slab so that this one part of the floor got very warm. Mama and Dada never noticed it themselves, but they figured it out when they saw Trouble the Kitty—"
Chaplin: "Trouble! The myth! The legend!"
Charlee: "—kept going to this one particular spot to lie on the floor."
Chaplin: "No fool, that Trouble the Kitty."

Bob Court said...

Just be glad its not salt water.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- me too

Charlee- a diagnostic cat! That's what we needed here earlier this weekend.

Bob- that's a sobering thought