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Friday, January 6, 2023

Review of Hike Light Smartwool Socks

  To be honest, I'm not positive these are Hike Light. They are definitely made by Smartwool. I got them at a teriffic sale price, and they fit. They are small. They do not have thick and thin places that are supposed to provide padding.

My sock woes are even more troublesome than the shoe woes. You can see the link below for part of the saga that has been going on for 30 years to find socks I can hike in. That said, I found these and one other pair by Lepon I will also review another day, and I did use them quite a lot in colder weather but not under the boots.
smartwool socks

These are fairly lightweight. They are slightly less warm than the Lepon pair I will review tomorrow. In general, I found that I could not wear wool socks when the temperature was much above 35. The forever problem with my feet getting too hot made either wool pair intolerable at anything much higher than freezing. You may recall that we stopped all my former problems with blisters by keeping my feet cooler. I like that a lot.

I can't really say how many days I hiked in these. At least 30, which translates to maybe 450 miles. I don't know what the expected life of a sock is, but these have no holes yet.

When I wore them, I put the Fox River liners underneath. I could not wear wool socks with the boots (too hot), but with the trail runners, even if my feet got damp/wet (which they usually did), my feet were warm enough. Most people don't seem to have the hot feet that I do. But I thought these did a good job.

1. They fit me. 2. They don't have lumpy padding that annoys me or bunches against my orthotics. 3. They held up. 4. They are warm even when wet. 5. I got them at a fantastic clearance price. I can't think of a single negative to say.

I give them 10 out of 10.

In other news: I did some writing. I did some cleaning , sorting and laundry. I made a phone call (eg. I purposely started a conversation with a human.) I went to the store and did errands- that in itself gives me points for the day. Of course, I'm not doing these good things at any kind of speed that is going to work me out of this dumpster hole.

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