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Saturday, January 7, 2023

Review of Lorpen Hike and City Light Socks

  This is the other pair of wool socks I got on sale. They are Merino Wool, nylon and Lycra, unless they are nylon, wool and polyester. There are two listings, supposedly in order of percent, of the composition on the package. One is labeled "legal" and one is labeled "technical." Seems weird.
Lorpen socks

These are a little heavier than the Smartwool socks I reviewed yesterday. I wore these a lot with trail runners when it was between 30 and 40 degrees and damp. My feet were never cold when I was wearing them. As I said yesterday, the flip side of that is that if it was above 35-40 degrees, my feet were too hot. That said, I'm sure I walked at least 450 miles in these.

These do have some additional padding on the inside, but it is a consistent thickness and there is no bulging at the toe seam, so it wasn't really a problem.
Lorpen socks

The problem comes with how well these held up. The only actual number of miles I found associated with a hiking sock was about 1000 miles for a pair of Darn Tough. So these might have done half of that. Maybe that's reasonable. But I think they should last better. You can see the top right sock in the upper picture is mended in the back where the ankle meets the foot. I'll keep wearing and mending these until it becomse a problem

I give them 7 out of 10 stars.

In other news: I worked on my new play in the morning, then I did other sorting and fixing tasks in the afternoon. I'm still dedicated to sitting and reading as much as I want to. I did catch two mice- one of which ate the middle out of an entire loaf of expensive bread that I bought myself for a treat. They paid for that guilty pleasure and I bought another loaf of bread. The house has been empty too much lately, so I need to be diligent with the mousetraps. Not to mention all the cleaning. They also ate 3 bars of soap! I'm not sure what the attraction was there, but I found a funny little tooth-marked lozenge of something waxy in the living room, and it took me a while, but when I realized it was soap, I checked under the sink. Empty wrappers and another soap lozenge.

See Smartwool Socks

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