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Monday, January 16, 2023

Out for a Stroll

  Cathy's penguins are out for a stroll by her little pond.
penguin lawn ornaments

Today, I felt as if I might be willing to walk farther than from the car to a store or the house. But not much farther. I walked five times around the circle of her driveway which is to say, "not far."

Then she taught me how to play a fun card game. It's called Monopoly Deal and is based on the board game. But the card game goes much faster! She beat me both times, but that's OK. It was fun.
monopoly deal game

I went over there to take a shower. We still don't have hot water, but Om and I spent all morning discussing options for hot water, flooring, and other house issues. It was a good conversation, and we agree on several overall guidelines that will make decisions easier.

That's about it. My life is very blah right now, and that's just fine. I'm still reading books.

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Ann said...

Those penguins are cute. I've never heard of that card game. I bet it's fun.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I hadn't heard of the game either. I think it will be fun after I play a few more times.