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Thursday, January 19, 2023

A Tale of Trees

  I took my longest walk yet since I came home for this break. At the most it was a half mile, probably less. But it was out back on natural surface. I can't say it felt good, but it didn't feel too bad.

The first thing to note is the larger tree, a white pine, in this picture. (With rain spots on the lens) The first link below shows it in 2011 and points out that I ran over it with the lawnmower in 1992, so I can guarantee it was 4 inches high that year. Now it's pretty big, and it has a Scots pine friend. I don't remember how old this one is. Maybe 4 or 5 years. A lot of those come up in the back field, and a lot of them die soon after they reach this height. We'll see what this one does.
white pine

The other notable change in "my" trees is the grove that I planted around 1990. These trees are now mature enough to create a needle carpet beneath them and a haven of sorts. You can see a picture of them in 2009 at the second link below. Deer and turkeys take refuge there.
white pines

This blog is supposed to be all about quality, but I have to be honest with you and tell you that "my kingdom" (the open space I was free to walk on) has shrunk considerably in the past few years, and we've heard rumors of another coming intrusion.

In other news: I'm using that table top I cleaned yesterday to do a big sorting project. It's not quite done, but there is hope.

P.S. Wow! My grandmother would have been 140 today.

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