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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Phase 1 Success

  I spent all of today's energy getting the basement dried out. This is the primary room. The couch you can see the end of usually would be against the right wall where I've pulled back the wet rug. I got that moved on to now-dry concrete. Also note the three large bookcases against the back wall. They are pressboard, and they are sitting on wet carpet. You know what has to be done.
flooded basement

It took a lot of time, but I got all of those moved. Then Cathy came over to help me do a couple of things I didn't think I could do alone.
flooded basement

It's not in a picture, but Omer has a big old heavy wooden desk- the kind that used to be used by schoolteachers. The water had seeped almost to the wall behind that desk. I could either lift it or pull the carpet out from under it but not both at the same time. We got that done together.

Om is not home, but via phone we decided that it isn't reasonable to try to save this carpeting. It's really old, dirty, and now soaking wet. I really have no place to dry it. So, all that was left for Cathy and I to do was get the rest of the wet carpet out. Thankfully, the water did not reach the part of the wall you can see on the left. So we cut the carpet off beyond the damp seep and dragged the wet stuff outside to be disposed of later.
flooded basement

It looks as if I got everything dried out in time to prevent any mold in the walls. Nothing of importance was damaged. By hustling and getting some things moved yesterday that were more vulnerable, the water did not seep into anything of value. Of course, when Om gets home we have to decide what to do to cover the floor, move all the rest of the stuff, cover the floor, and put everything back. It's total chaos, but at least that doesn't all have to happen in the next 24 hours. And, we'll probably have to pay to get rid of the old carpeting.

I'm exceptionally happy to have been able to do this without calling in one of those companies that deal with this sort of thing. I know several people with horror stories from using them. I'd rather work my tail off than use one.

Next step- wait to hear if this water heater can be fixed, or if we have to get a new one.

A satisfactory conclusion to one of life's rather unpleasant surprises.

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arm2008 said...

If it's older than 8-10 years you might as well replace it, unless it's a really old glass lined unit. They run forever.

Ann said...

That was a lot of work.

Doug said...

God is good! Thankfully you were home to find the leak before anything else was ruined. Could have had your very own swimming pool in the basement.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "What a big job! Glad you caught the water before it did more damage!"
Chaplin: "Our Mama and Dada say that they will have to be replacing the carpet in the master bedroom soon. Something to do with Bean-related damage ..."
Java Bean: "In my defense I was new here and didn't know about things like going to the bathroom outside. Plus I had tummy trouble."
Charlee: "And the part where you ripped up the carpet in front of the bedroom door by digging at it?"
Java Bean: "I also didn't know about things like closed doors."

Sharkbytes said...

arm- it's 30 years old

Ann- yeah... it wouldn't have seemed so hard a few years ago

Doug- no kidding

Java- you just tell Dada that doggies always lead to carpet replacement. But kitties smell worse. You can taunt C&C with that.