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Monday, January 23, 2023

So This is Sun?

  For one day out of about 18 in the past and upcoming weather forecasts there was/is an icon of sunshine. Today was that day. This is the best the sky could deliver. And people wonder why West Michiganders get depressed in the winter.
cloudy sky

I walked out back and enjoyed some of my familiar haunts. This is the white pine woods that doesn't belong to us. (As opposed to the small one I showed you the other day that is on our property.) I like it a lot and often walk through the middle of it.
white pines

I also went down to the Cemetery Creek. The problem is that with very little snow and the dead of winter, the landscape just isn't particularly pretty. And I'm not interested yet in taking longer walks to find something to catch the eye. Maybe in a few more days.
creek in a valley

In other news: I spent a significant part of the day working on financial records. However, I did also manage to get a couple more square feet of floor cleared, and I did some errands.

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1 comment:

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "There is so much room to run! What do you think, Bean, could we get some good chase going there?"
Bean: "We could try, but I doubt you could keep up with me!"
Lulu: "I don't have to keep up with you, I just have to head you off at the pass ..."