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Monday, January 9, 2023

Review of Luci Light

  This is an inflatable solar LED light. I kept it hanging on my pack for the entire year and a month. I used it twice for hiking in twilight (more to be seen than to be able to see), and for light to get through the few tunnels the trail goes through. I also used it almost every night while backpacking to read in my tent. These are all new pictures so you can see how it held up to being bashed around for a year.

You can use it flat as seen above, or you can inflate it and sit it on a table so it's more like a lantern. Actually, I never used it this way, because I had no need to. I either kept it clipped on my pack, held in my hand, or hung from a loop inside the top of my tent.

The only thing that became a problem with mine is that the plastic strap that is the only way to clip it to something eventually tore away. See where it's no longer attached on the right side? That also means it's no longer sealed from getting wet inside.

My solution was to slip it inside an onion bag. The solar panel could still recharge and light get out, and I could easily push the buttons. One is the switch to cycle through low, med, high, blink, and off. The other shows you if it is charged.

The actual light continues to work perfectly for me. I have to tell you that my friend Cathy ordered a couple and both of those never charged completely so she was not satisfied. It cost $20, and I consider that well spent.

I give it 8 out of 10, but I'm sure Cathy would not.

In other news. I was going to do store and errands, but I didn't, so tomorrow I must. I did get the trash bagged up and down for collection. And I caught two more mice. More tiny steps of cleanup, and I did some minimal writing stuff. However, I am feeling better physically. Maybe I'm recovering.

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The Family Scribe said...

Great idea to use the onion bag for the luci light. The strap on mine is also busted. It only charges partway, but it seems to be enough to be useful.

Ann said...

The strap does look like it could give out easily. The onion bag was a good idea