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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Spirit Mountain

Yesterday I was on the road. Today was the first day at the North Country Trail non-conference. Long story- just pretend it's the conference.

We awoke to a view of the harbor. Well, the harbor is out there somewhere. But it was pretty.

foggy sunrise

By noon, here was the view.

foggy sky

Hey, at dinner we could see the view. A bit muted, but at least it was there!

foggy view of Duluth

Tonight was the major banquet dinner. It was possibly the best of the dinners I remember at these events. Buffalo meatloaf was the main course- very tasty. The rest were real bread, not baked air, veggies cooked nicely- done but not mushy, salad with real vegetables, not shredded cold cardboard. Wild rice. Wowzers.

buffalo meat loaf

The program was given by last year's thru-hiker, Luke Jordan (trail name Strider). It wasn't a good setting to get a picture of him tonight, but here we are earlier in the summer, at an NCT event.

Joan Young and Luke Jordan

I also went to two programs this afternoon- one about the Superior Hiking Trail portion of the NCT, and the other about a separate loop trail in Minnesota about 30 miles long called the Sioux Hustler. Very interesting, and really more interesting than hiking in the fog.

Tomorrow, a six-mile hike!

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Ann said...

Even a foggy view can be nice sometimes.
Your dinner sure does look good

rainfield61 said...

Hiking in a fog, that's beautiful.

Secondary Roads said...

That sure look like one fine feed.

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