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Friday, August 15, 2014


I'll start with squares, but this is a warning for purists. It degenerates into rectangles, but my rationale is they have square corners.

Out walking today to check on things for Get Off The Couch, and I just liked the patterns in these.

First, I found a yard where pallets of bricks had been stored, now all weathered.

old bricks

Then I saw a square window with colored glass panes.

square window

I knew this building with the lovely herringbone brick pattern was on my route, so I snapped one square picture of it.

herringbone bricks

On the way back, passing by the long closed Thompson Cabinet Factory, even the painted out windows appealed to me.

factory window

The last shot stretches the theme a little bit, but I love all the angles, and I love how this building has been re-purposed. This is the old Atkinson Tool Box building. There's a good chance that if you have an old metal tool box it was made here. Now it's a nice apartment building. Those square additions, placed on the diagonals up the sides, were added, and it changes the look from old factory to visually interesting.

factory apartment building

Tonight is work. Chilling out this evening, doing computer stuff.

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rainfield61 said...

Life is full of light and shapes.

Secondary Roads said...

Love that herring-bone brick pattern. Especially the colors.

Lin said...

I like the window with the stained glass best. I imagine what it would look like from the inside with the sun shining through.

Ann said...

I like this theme and the herringbone brick pattern is very nice. Now I want to go out and look for squares.

vanilla said...

Your thematic photo safaris are always fun!

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