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Monday, April 15, 2019

A Little Cave of Clean

The snow is all gone- just like that. But it still didn't get warm enough to paint today. I was hoping, because tomorrow has become suddenly busy and it's my one warm day. Sigh.

But what I did manage to accomplish is to clean out the filthy cave under the computer table. There is no before picture. Just take my word for it... it was bad. There are still a few more boxes that will probably have to go under there, but it's cleaned and sorted.

clean space under a table

The starlings were acting as if it were fall- flocking and poking their way through the yard looking for tasty morsels. But when I tried to catch their picture, they sat on the clothesline post.


In other news: I worked on my newspaper column in the morning. Then I took three boxes of stuff to Goodwill, and did errands. And, I picked up the vinyl for my trailer floor! I'll include its picture on a day I get back to trailer issues.

Quite a productive day. I wish they all could be this good. Yes, I have to DO something most of the time to feel good about it. I may be able to pull off everything I want to tomorrow if the weather cooperates and I stay focused and organized. We'll see.

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Ratty said...

Cleaning out under the computer desk is exactly what I need to do. I keep piling stuff under there, and it just gets lost forever.

Ann said...

I don't have a problem with under the computer desk, my issue is the top of it. Too bad I wasn't as productive as you were.

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