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Friday, April 26, 2019


Even though the wind was cold today, the sun was shining and the flowers are starting to think it's spring. Notice that the grass has greened up, too.

Lovely little patches of violets.


One of my bi-colored double daffodils opened.

double daffodil

And here's a surprise... A 40-plus-year-old hyacinth bulb decided to pop up and bloom. It doesn't look plump and happy, but it seriously has to be that old. My mother gave me these when I was trying to create a flower bed from nothing.


Not much news: I wrote in the morning, walked to the library and worked in my office for the afternoon. Tomorrow I must get busy on a couple of projects that have to be done before the conference. I thought about taking a hike on the NCT, but I'm trying to be really frugal right now and didn't want to spend the gas money.

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Ann said...

Love to see those signs that spring really has arrived. I keep hearing there's a chance of snow here in the next couple of days

Secondary Roads said...

The beautiful, amazing hyacinth. Great story there.

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