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Saturday, April 6, 2019

My Trailer Redo- Day 64- Paint Prep and Stuff

Today was frustrating. I got a great start right after lunch, but as predicted it started to sprinkle about 2:30. So I quit and covered the trailer, and it never rained another drop. I could have gotten a lot more done. Sigh. It's a fair amount of work to get the tarp off and on, so I didn't uncover it again.

Let's talk about this project in general. It has become overwhelming, to the point where I just want to run in terror when I think about the magnitude of the work yet to do. I have to focus on what one or two things I can do next and try to do a good job on those.

I wanted to get everything prepped for the little bit of painting I want to get done before the end of the month, but that didn't happen. Close, but no cigar. One window opening is ready. Every other place is in some state of "not quite."

The four windows are out and stacked. I can start cleaning those up this coming week. I can do that inside while it's raining and snowing again outside...

aluminum travel trailer windows

Every little piece of the puzzle takes research. And, here's one of the really unfortunate results of last year's hard drive demise-- I lost all my bookmarks. You'd think Firefox would keep your bookmarks somewhere in the cloud, but nope. Even my computer lady couldn't get them back. I had literally hundreds of links and videos, all sorted into categories, about how to do all this stuff. Now I'm back to square one. Well, maybe not that far back, since I've learned how to do a lot of things, and I can narrow the new searches a bit based on decisions I've made. But, still, it's not a happy story. Those represented many hours of research.

What I can show you is the pile of stuff I bought last year. So I can't say I did absolutely nothing in 2018. I made some decisions, and bought the paint and some other supplies.

marine paint and painting supplies

Today, I went and bought even more stuff. You know the joke about boats, right? "A boat is a hole in the water into which you pour money." Well, this trailer is ditto, except it's not in the water.

Today, I got more lacquer thinner, more brushes, paper towels, extra fine sandpaper, and the cleaner I've decided to use on the aluminum window frames. That decision alone took several hours of watching videos and asking questions on the fiberglass RV forum.

trailer refurbishing supplies

I've added one more thing to my to-do list that I have three weeks to get done. I need to paint along the body seam so I can put the new trim-loc over that crack. Actually, this is good, because I can test the paint on the roof where no one can see my efforts to learn how to put it on properly. There are a lot of dings in the fiberglass that need to be Bondo-ed, but I think none of them are so close to where I'm painting that I'll have to do that right now.

I'm going to keep posting this list from time to time (and probably adding to it as I discover more stuff that has to be done before we can use it!) and the progress in blue, so we can keep me on track!

Paint around all the windows frames so they can reinstalled and properly sealed.
      • Pull out the windows. DONE
      • Repair the wood in two of the frames. Can't do till temperature is above 55 for epoxy repair
      • Replace one of the pieces of wood in one frame. It's in the wrong place and the screws don't even engage it!
      • Strip around the window openings. DONE
      • Clean residue and sand around the window openings. One is 100% ready, other 3 in various stages
      • Clean the window frames.
      • Lubricate the window mechanisms.
      • Decide if I'm going to apply some sort of sealer/coating on the aluminum. DONE- will tell all as I do the windows
      • Paint the primer. Have the paint, but can't do till temperature is above 55 degrees
      • Paint the first topcoat.
      • Paint the second topcoat.
      • Reinstall the windows. Have the butyl sealer tape. Need new screws. Need some kind of strip that I don't even know what to call it yet.
      • Replace one broken window knob. ordered

Paint and install trim-loc on the crack where the halves of the trailer join
      • Clean the residue along this area and sand. in progress
      • Paint the primer.
      • Paint the first topcoat.
      • Paint the second topcoat.
      • Install Trim-Loc. I have this

Reconnect the basic wiring for the lights.

Possibly build in the primary support "beam." I need to assess if it's too flexible to drive without this in. If I do this, I need to pick up the piece of vinyl for the floor which is about 35 miles away from me.

Check the tires.

Clean out the inside mess, so we can at least sleep on the floor.

In other news: worked on my short story, did a couple of errands and made guacamole.

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Dan said...

Enjoy a good project renovation. Look forward to seeing what you do.

Ann said...

How frustrating losing all those bookmarks. Maybe something like Pinterest could help with keeping track of things you research and want to return to. You can save everything to different boards that you create.