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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Spring at Shagway

Today was another work day at Shagway Arts Barn. The barn is not going to have a regular arts store this season. Too much work, not enough volunteers, basically. But there will be live music, vendor events, and it's always available to rent. There are short, dog-friendly trails that can be walked any time.

We are cleaning, getting rid of a lot of display rack type "furniture," etc. I went out to work on the trails. Am going to make a little map for people to use.

The entrance was cheery with Glory of the Snow (Chinodoxa) blooming among the rocks.

Chinodoxa Glory of the Snow

How about a closer look? They are one of my favorites, with such a clear blue.

Chinodoxa Glory of the Snow

This pond is just down the road. Mr. & Mrs. Mallard seemed to be looking for a nest site.

pair of mallard ducks in small pond

And this is the first turtle of the year, and the first turtle rescue of the year. A painted turtle, too scared to take a peek. But s/he's now off the pavement. Kind of a little one. Nice to see it.

painted turtle

In other news: I worked on North Country Quest in the morning, and on the Shagway Trail Map when I got home. Not much else to report.

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Lin said...

HOORAY!! You know I love a turtle rescue!!

Jean Davis said...

Pretty flowers. So nice to see color after all the snow.

Ann said...

Those bue flowers are pretty. Three cheers for rescuing the turtle

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