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Sunday, April 7, 2019

My Trailer Redo- Day 65- I'm Bondo Competent

I worked 6 hours on the trailer today. Made total use of the time before the rain started. May have made a timing error, but probably fixable if necessary. I am whipped.

First of all, I was way off base thinking I didn't need to fix any little holes. They are everywhere. These are little pits that are the result of stone damage or sometimes just flaws in the original molding.

pits in fiberglass surface

So, I had previously bought the Bondo, but I've never used it. So, today, I got to learn how to do that. Turns out it's easier than I thought, but you have to work really fast. Anyway, I did three very small batches and got all the holes that are anywhere near where I'm painting filled.

bondo filled pits in fiberglass surface

You let it dry about 30 minutes and then just sand it down. Very easy. Of course I haven't tried a large area yet. That will come.

bondo filled pits in fiberglass surface

So, I started work at about 10 am, and finally, at 3 pm, Everything was ready to start painting. Rain predicted... should I start? Yesterday that rain turned out to never happen. Well, I did start, although maybe I shouldn't have. What I wanted to do was get just the primer on, so tomorrow I could get both topcoats on. I got about a third done.

Let me say, right up front, this is not the correct way to paint a trailer. You are supposed to take everything off, prep and paint it all at once so you don't get overlap where you've stopped and then started again. But, I can't possibly make that happen, here on our hill in the open.

What I'm doing is to paint the sections around the windows to where there is an angle change in the surface. I'm hoping I can get away with this not showing so much. Along the seam that needs to be covered, I'm just going to feather out a little distance from the seam.

As a reminder, to get to this point I have previously:
1. Washed the entire trailer with Bar Keepers Friend
2. First application of stripper and scraping
3. Second application of stripper and scraping. The entire trailer is done to this point.
4. Applied a very thin coat of stripper and let it dry
5. Scrubbed the surface with a scotch pad and lacquer thinner.
6. Quickly wiped that dry. About a third of the trailer is done to this point.
7. Lightly sanded with 120 grit paper. Only done on the places I'm painting right now.

OK, back to today. There is one more thing before you can paint!
8. Wipe the area with the Interlux Solvent 333. I do this immediately before applying paint

Interlux Solvent 333

Here's the front top with the primer around the window and along the seam.

primer on fiberglass trailer

It's really hard to see the white on white. The area inside the red line is now covered with primer.

primer on fiberglass trailer

And today's purchases- more sandpaper and some foam weatherstripping tape for the windows.

sandpaper and weatherstripping

The primer says it needs two hours to become not tacky to touch. It didn't get that before I had to cover the trailer. I'll see what the result of that is tomorrow. There is no way to keep the tarp from touching the surface wherever it wants.

I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere, having actually started painting! The texture of the primer is a surprise. It's much thinner than I expected, and it's kind of gummy. But that's why it self-levels.

Now we are getting a nice spring rain, but it's supposed to clear up before morning and be warm again, so I think I get one more day I can paint.

In other news: I also managed to do a load of laundry- wanted to hang it out in the sun! I am pooped. My shoulders ache and everything is stiff. Lots of up and down the ladder! I used to be able to do this kind of work all day, then cook dinner for multiple people and work on something else all evening. Not so much any more. Hmmm. Marie keeps telling me I'm only one person, but I need to be at least two to give all my dreams feet.

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