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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Best Photos of 2019

Because of how many pictures I took in Kentucky, and also at the Philadelphia Flower Show, it has taken me several days to even look at all the pictures. I got my selection down to 12. To make the cut, the picture had to be something a bit out of the ordinary. I'll explain why each one got to stay. And I've kept the pictures large, so you can click to expand them.

They are presented in chronological order. I'm not trying to choose which is the best of the best. As always, keep in mind that I am not a photographer who goes looking for good shots. I'm opportunistic, in that I go for adventures, and try to take some decent pictures with whatever lighting and conditions I'm given.

Looking down at Taughannock Creek below the falls and the viewing platform at the end of the Falls Trail. I like the way the crack in the ice echoes the railing of the platform, and the starkness. It's also a study in scale, since you can see the people standing there.

Ashokan Reservoir near Marie's house, with the Catskill Mountains in the background. I like the clear bands of color and the swoop of the ice.

Part of a display at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Of course, you could say I didn't have to be very artistic to take a picture of an artsy display. But I like the repeating shapes and the color shift of the flowers.

Philadelphia Flower Show again. This is part of my favorite display of the entire show this year. The textures were amazing, and this is just a tiny portion. Very rich feel.

Early morning sky out my kitchen window. The color and the texture of the clouds just grabs me. In some respects, it's a "nothing" snapshot, but I like it.

I had a number of pretty good wildlife pictures, so the ones that stayed had to be special. The Fence Lizard eating the grub is quite unusual, maybe a once-in-a-lifetime catch in the wild.

Erosion pattern in rocks with roots in Daniel Boone National Forest. It got to stay because I love the design and texture.

This photo of the Pearl Crescent butterfly got to stay because it happened to sit on some very colorful flowers. At University of Kentucky Botanical Garden.

Evening light on the trail to Chimney Rock, Kentucky. This one got to stay because the light almost makes it three-dimensional.

Japanese Garden at Meijer Botanical Garden. Again, anyone could have taken this picture, but I think the composition really works.

Morning dew on spruce trees. I took a bunch of pictures that day as I was driving to an event.

Finally, frost on a window. Not only are the frost patterns nifty, but there are dark and translucent spots in the background. I just like it.

Which ones do you like best?

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vanilla said...

i'm partial to the first MN one.

Ann said...

Couldn't really pick just one as a favorite. The first three really grabbed me and then the butterfly.

Jean Davis said...

Chimney rock is my #1. Great pics!

Secondary Roads said...

The fence lizard is my favorite. However, I like them all. It's a beautifully eclectic mix.

Karen and Gerard said...

My favorite is the butterfly.

J.Q. Rose said...

My #1 choice is the colorful butterfly, but they are all gorgeous in their own space.

Ed Morse said...

All good pictures mostly for different reasons. If I have to pick one it would be the butterfly.

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