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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Playing Footsie

Since I hadn't been farther outside than to toss something in the compost while I was sick, I needed to go get the mail from the last couple of days. There was just enough snow on the driveway to make a wonderful place for tracks.

I haven't caught an opossum at the compost bucket lately, but they are obviously still around.

opossum tracks

There are various cats that wander through. I don't know if one is living in the barn these days or not, but I saw a dark one in the yard earlier this week. Here, it crossed paths with the 'possum, going opposite directions.

opossum and cat tracks

The bunny rabbits aren't going to be left out. This one wasn't even jumping. Maybe it paused here for a minute.

rabbit tracks

And, no surprise, several deer had also wandered through. You can catch the sneaker track of this human too.

deer and human tracks

I feel much better today. Just a lot of coughing and hacking yet. Although, a walk to the mailbox was enough. I wouldn't have wanted to try 10 miles today.

In other news: I wrote in the morning and formatted like a fiend all afternoon. Good progress.

See Opossum Tracks Again

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Ann said...

Looks like you've had a lot of traffic through there.

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