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Friday, January 17, 2020

Linda's Book Launch

Today, my friend, Linda Sandow, had her book launch. She is the artist who did the cover work for my children's books. She is the author of this book, and also did the cover art for her own book.

The title is Jacob Castle and Gliding Swan. This is historical fiction based on her own family history of a Mennonite man who married a Shawnee woman in the 1730s. She has been able to find enough information about the family and the times that the book is more of a fleshing out of the characters than actual fiction.

Linda Sandow book launch

This would be an excellent book for anyone from about 5th grade on up, and somewhat younger children would certainly enjoy having it read to them.

The cake also has the art work on it!

Linda Sandow book launch

Linda read one chapter out loud. We've heard a lot of the book in writers' group over the three years she's been working on this. I was sort of hoping she'd read about the flood on the Roanoke River, and that's exactly the passage she read.

Linda Sandow book launch

The book is available on Amazon, or from Linda. It will probably be for sale at the Ludington Art Center, too. Got my copy! I'm looking forward to reading it straight through instead of in segments several weeks apart. This is a well-written book with interesting glimpses into life in the 18th Century.

In other news: I have to confess that I couldn't keep up my work pace yesterday. About 3 pm, my brain just said, "done." However, I got back to business today. I'm working on the Index. Talked to the printer this morning, so I'm really in the final week now.

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Ann said...

Congratulations to Linda.

Mary Ann Hayward said...

Well done, dear friend & kindred spirit. This is the culmination of much time & effort, but it was a journey of yearning & love, too.

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