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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Hiking Gear- Socks. Are they Right this Time?

You may or may not remember my last attempt at getting the correct set of hiking socks, September 2018. It was half successful. Link below if you care.

This is the half that has been good. These are Fox River capilene sock liners. They are a tiny bit too big, but not enough to make wrinkles inside the shoes.

Fox River sock liners

I've been wearing them under these socks. These were the only ones of what I tried last time that work at all, but they are not great. As you can see, they are sort of a tube with a lump for the heel, and that is the way they have stayed despite wearings, and mud, and washings, and whatever. The toe seam is lumpy. They aren't really right. And after being worn for a couple days in a row, which is bound to happen on a multi-day hike, they begin to slip and creep.

cotton socks

I'm also having an everyday sock crisis. So I ordered three kinds of socks. Can't buy anything locally that might work, or even fit. We'll see if any of them work for hiking, and I'll wear the rest in that other life. (Which is the real life? I don't know.)

I got Buster Browns, all cotton, on the left. Gold Toe, 71% cotton, middle, No Nonsense, 81% cotton on the right. They are all too big.

cotton socks

The Buster Browns are the largest, but I might be able to shrink them. The Gold Toe fit best, and here I am modeling one of them. I've worn a pair of these at home already, and they are OK. Too big, but not horribly so.

Gold Toe Socks

If you haven't read my whole monologue on socks, don't start nattering at me about needing heavier/wool/specialty socks for hiking. I've tried SO many, and something like this combo works for me. I just have to get a good top layer. If the Gold Toe ones work out, I'll order some more.

As I get to take these hiking I'll find out which ones slip and which ones work.

Report on the bamboo socks which I bought in the previous round. As it turned out, I do not like them at all. They are unexpectedly hot, even when worn alone. They slide down over the heel when paired with the liners. I can't really say anything good about them, which is too bad because I wanted to like them.

In other news: had to clear the driveway this morning. We got snow! Then bell choir at church. I managed to get 50 more pages indexed. Not all that many, but it was the best I could do. About 120 to go.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

Finding the right socks sure has been a challenge. What I hate is when you finally find something you really like, when you go to buy it again most times it has been discontinued

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