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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Best of 2019- Best Recipe Finds

I try not to cook very much. I succeeded in cooking even less than usual in 2019, because I've typically eaten a big salad for dinner. I've managed to lose all the weight I gained while I was working at the newspaper. I feel a lot better.

That said, there are still a couple of new recipes I tried this year that are worth keeping.

One of them was way back after Christmas a year ago. These are sweet potato chips. I should make these again and tweak the recipe a little. They were very good.

sweet potato chips

The other one I like so much I've now made it several times. That is the soda pop bread. It's moist and even-textured. It's so moist I have to keep it in the refrigerator or it molds. But that's ok.

soda pop bread

The other food find I want to talk about is a fast food item. Yes, you heard me right. And I think I discovered it before 2019, but I know I haven't told you about it. There are times when one needs a low-cost, healthy eat out option. Believe it or not, this is from McDonalds, and so far, I haven't found anything to beat it. This is the Southwest Chicken Salad with grilled chicken (you can get crispy, but the grilled is better). It is made with mixed greens- not just days-old iceberg lettuce. It has a little puddle of corn and bean relish, a lime wedge, cheese, a sauce, and some tortilla strips. Cost is about $7. Calories 320.

I've ordered SW Chicken salads at quite a few restaurants in my price range, and this one is by far the best, at the lowest price. If you are at a McDonalds that looks a little seedy it may not be put together as carefully, with one of the extras missing, or a dry piece of chicken. If salad greens have been recalled, McD's won't be serving any salads; they just pull all their bags of greens. But, overall, this is a huge win for my budget and food preferences. Not to mention it's something I'm willing to eat if a group I'm with insists on fast food.

McDonald's SW Chicken Salad

I usually take myself out for dinner and have this salad between bell choir practice and writer's group. There you have it.

In other news: Now that I've told you how little I cook, I did make split pea soup today. I needed to take care of the ham bone from Christmas. Should be ready to eat tomorrow. Yum, yum.

Apparently, being out for 6 hours yesterday was a bit too much. I never woke up till 11 am today! Managed to get busy writing though, and I've finished the main portion of North Country Quest! This is huge.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

I've found that cooking for just one person is a real pain and I hate doing it. I eat a lot of eggs now and prefer just making a sandwich to cooking a meal. The other thing I'll do is cook once and then eat leftovers for days.

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