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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Got the Right Stakes

This time I got the correct tent stakes, and I can tell you how to know if you are getting them.

aluminum tent stakes

What you need to look for, if you want this kind, is 7075 Aluminum. This brand is HikeMax, but there are others. REI also has them. I can not even begin to bend them by hand. Just like my old ones. Weight 0.55 ounce each. But don't judge by the weight because the wrong ones that I could bend weigh the same. I paid $7 for 8 stakes. The REI ones cost a bit more.

These work really well in anything except sand. If you need to fasten down your tent in sand look for driftwood or rocks and tie the guy lines off to them anyway.

I'm really pleased to now have enough of these stakes for my Fly Creek solo tent (takes 9 stakes), and a few extra. I don't always pack a tarp, but when I have, I didn't have any decent stakes to take along.

In other news: Well, it was editing and formatting all day long. Got more front material done, and the main body of the book is formatted through page 326.

See New Gear, Small Tweaks


Lin said...

Hooray! I'm glad you found them. I will pay the price for quality camping gear.

Ann said...

oh good glad you found the right ones.

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