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Friday, January 10, 2020

Best Purchases of 2019

I guess I didn't really buy very many things this year that might even be in the running.

I think the best things are one tool for working on the trailer, and one item for its interior.

This template tool turned out to be as useful as I anticipated. It would have been much, much more difficult to create the interior pieces for my trailer without it. See details at Template Tool

curve template tool

And perhaps the other great purchase is these little lights for the interior of the trailer. I still like them a lot.

curve template tool

Now, I've made myself lonesome for being able to work on my trailer! But that's OK. I sure don't have time right now. Have to get NCQ ready to go to the printer.

2020 is bound to have more interesting best purchases because I'm ordering several new pieces of camping equipment.

In other news: I reworked the final chapter of the book this morning. It needed some help. Then I edited and formatted in the afternoon (306 pages done), and went grocery shopping. (boring) But, a productive day.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

That template tool would make things much easier.

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