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Monday, January 27, 2020

Miles and Pie

The best part of the day was breaking up a long walk to have lunch with Sue. We had key lime pie for dessert. Yummy! She just retired, so we hope to be able to hike or do whatever together more.

friends at a restaurant

Then I continued on to finish my 8.5 miles that I set for myself today. It wasn't too exciting, but basically, I just wanted to do the miles without driving somewhere.

The blue sky was pretty.

blue sky

The ice is off the dirt roads. Now they are just mud pits. Really sloppy walking, but not treacherous like the ice was.

muddy road

I thought maybe I'd get to show you a pretty picture where Black Creek goes under the road, but it's been channelized into a drainage ditch. Oh well.

Black Creek

My hips and knees are a little sore, but no real problems.

In other news: I'm just doing the final tweaks requested by the printer, but the process is begun.

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Ann said...

Key lime pie sounds good. That sky is pretty

The Oceanside Animals said...

Chaplin: "Yummy! I would skip right to the pie!"

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