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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Banana Bread

Even when I make quick breads, I rarely make banana bread because it is low on my like list. I don't hate it, I just like almost any other kind better. The last time I made several kinds, banana didn't make the cut. See link below.

But we still had 3 bananas from the fruit basket, and they needed to be used, so banana bread it is.

banana bread

That sore throat I had turned into coughing and a runny nose, although I still feel fine. It's just annoying to deal with the hacking and nose blowing. Haven't coughed up a lung yet, although Omer is wondering why.

In other news: I wrote all morning and edited all afternoon. Made really good progress. It was lovely outside, and I would have liked to join a group for a hike, but I really have to put my runny nose to the grindstone, and I'm going hiking on Saturday, so... today I worked.

See Cast Your Bread

1 comment:

Ann said...

If I make quick bread it's usually banana. Yours looks good.
Hope you get over that cough soon.

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