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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Stamina Up

Today, I went at least twice as far as yesterday and was less tired when I finished. Still not far, but an improvement.

snowy landscape through a pine

And... this is the second day in a row I could see my shadow. Seems like we've had a nice amount of sun this winter. Michigan is usually very gray.


In other news: Bell choir practice and working on the book. I'm on the last pass through for final errors of any type. 160 pages are done.

See First Snowshoe in a While
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Ann said...

I bet it felt good to get out there and double your distance.
It's always nice to see the sun this time of year around here. We're like you, more gray than sunshine

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "I'm glad you're getting nice weather to go outside! I always like to sit out there when I can!"
Chaplin: "Our Dada says congratulations on closing in on the end of typo-checking! Apparently he's at that stage too but then he ends up rewriting something and then he has to check it for typos again."
Charlee: "That's fine with me. It means I get more lap time in the office."

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