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Friday, January 24, 2020

Blue Trailer

I really don't have anything too interesting to share. The quality in the day for me was that I'm really closing in on having this book formatted. My goal is to get it to the printer on Tuesday, and then I'm going for a mini trip on Wednesday and Thursday.

No, the trailer isn't going with me. It's blue, waiting for more work to be done on it. I've been planning my next steps for it in my head. Can't stop myself from doing that. But it's good that it's the season to NOT work on it, because this book is the only priority right now.

covered travel trailer in blue dusk

I got the index all finished today. I got the Geographical Listing of Hikes all finished too- triple checked because I left out four chapters on the first pass!!

Rainy day, so I didn't get the exercise I was hoping for, but maybe tomorrow.

See Dusky Pastels

1 comment:

Ann said...

Between writing, hiking and DIY projects you sure are one busy lady.

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