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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Back to Pentwater

 This morning, I played bells with the Pentwater Methodist handbell choir. Then, my plan was to go out and do another loop at Pentwater Pathway since I was again down that way.

There are still a few of these old DNR markers out there. (It's a state forest). For some reason, they just make me happy.
trail marker with a footprint

Remember Adventure Buddy Ellen? She introduced me to these trails, and to cross-country skiing. There is one hill that I'll never ski down again. She did talk me into it once. It wasn't even much fun to walk down it today. No trick camera angles to make it look steeper than it is. It's a direct drop off the edge of a ridge.
big hill on a trail

Steve, the bell choir director, and Keith, a member of the choir, wanted to hike too. So the three of us went out and did 4.1 miles.

I took these pictures somewhat surreptitiously during church, but the light coming in through these windows was amazing the way it was lighting up the window niches. I'm glad I did it because by the end of the service the effect was much less bright.
stained glass window

This one is even more stunning.
stained glass window

I have no idea what persons or saints these windows depict. Sorry about that.

Total miles hiked in 2024: 120.7 of which 23.7 is North Country Trail.

Pentwater Pathway, Red Loop and more to connect to parking. 4.1 miles

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Ellie said...

Beautiful pictures of the windows. And a perfect day for a hike.

Ann said...

Wow, those stained glass windows sure did put on an impressive show.

Sharkbytes said...

Ellie- all nice

Ann- agree- I had to sneak the pictures during the service!