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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Best Photos of May 2022

Here are the best of the pictures I took from May 2022. Seems like forever ago

From May 2022, during the big hike, I've chosen what I think are the 10 best pictures to share. I would have thought I'd have more nice photos since spring was heading into full summer. I have about 20 good pictures, but not many I'd call great.

I am saying these pictures are "best," not because they necessarily tell the story best, but because I think they are simply the best actual photographs. I've left them full size, so you can click on them and see them larger. That always makes photos look better. Most are tweaked a bit to reduce the blah, flat look of low light sky.

I spent all of May in New York, making it most of the way through the Adirondacks.

These are not arranged chronologically... more for color and tone variety

First up is the angry swan. I managed to remove most of the weed that was across the picture, but if I were ever going to do something serious with this, I'd need to do it more carefully, or pay to have someone with AI fix it.
angry swan

This is Pillsbury Lake in the Adirondacks in the morning mist.
Pillsbury Lake

Next up is a foggy walk in western NY. The blaze clues you in that this is the trail.
foggy trail

Believe it or not, this was accumulated scum below a waterfall. I really like the pattern.
pattern in scum

This is a long shot across an historic farm in central NY. Nothing spectacular, but I like the depth and rural character.

Chub Lake in the Adirondacks. So many beautiful lakes to choose from there, but most of the pictures don't do them justice. I like the bands of green and blue in this one.
Chub Lake

The outstanding feature of this one is the total green-ness. This is the towpath trail along the Black River Canal. Of course, there would not have been trees at all along at least one side when it was being used as a towpath!
towpath trail

Lick Brook Falls near Ithaca is always gorgeous. I've seen lots better pictures of it than this one, but this is the best I could do on the day I was there.

Here's the Black River near Forestport. I always love this river- so many black volcanic rocks. Of course, it was drizzling that day.
Black River NY

And finally, yet another attempt to get a water pattern picture that I think is worthy. This is not bad, but still not what I'm striving for. Not that it matters, but this is on Bear Lake in the Adirondacks.
pattern on water

I worked hard on The Project, and also did some editing. That covers today!



Ann said...

All are very nice. The angry swan is really something and I love the waterfall. I think my favorite is the third. I love the fog, it gives it a mysterious look

The Oceanside Animals said...

Java Bean: "Forestport! Our Dada says that was really close to their old stomping grounds, and he's been there many times. Apparently they used to play in the Black River there, and it was always very cold!"

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- the fog is simple, but pleasing

Java- Forestport is a favorite place of mine. It was always the mysterious western gateway to the Adirondacks on the trail. When I finally got there and learned how tiny it was I had to laugh. But we love it.