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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Cold, but Sunny

 It was 16 degrees this morning, but a small group of us decided to hike a few miles. The awesome news is that the sun was out most of the time!
blue sky through winter trees

This is the same section I hiked last week (link below), but things certainly look different today. And look at the shadows!
shadows in winter

Six of us met and broke new trail in the snow.
winter hikers

We had two dogs with us. You know Koa, and you know that she is pretty small, about 20 pounds. But look how tiny Roxy is! Roxy is a Tibetian Spaniel. I'd never heard of that. She will only grow to be about 15 pounds. She's so tiny that she got to ride in a pack the whole way, and even with her warm coat and being in a pouch, she curled into a ball and hunkered down. You can see the little lump in Peg's front carrier in the picture above.
two small dogs

Naturally, the topic of greatest discussion was the blue sky. And what a lovely shade of blue it was!
blue sky above red pines

Other than that I did some editing and writing. Walking in the snow was hard. I stressed my sore knee a bit.

Total miles hiked in 2024: 102.7 of which 18.7 is North Country Trail.

North Country Trail, Lake County, MI. Timber Creek TH to FR 6428 and back. 5.2 miles

See Before the Rain


Ann said...

Roxy got to go in style there. I've never heard of that breed.
Love that last picture looking up into the trees.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- totally new to me too.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Chaplin: "From what Dennis has told us, I bet Tucker would have enjoyed riding through the snow in a warm little bundle like that."
Lulu: "No riding in a warm bundle for me! I'm going right into the snow if I ever get a chance!"

Sharkbytes said...

Lulu- All dogs welcome on our hikes! But I think Tucker was a bit too large for a pouch.