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Saturday, February 3, 2024

Yankee Springs and Home

 This morning, I met up with new hiking friend Brittany. She offered to spot me and asked if she could hike too. Sure!

We ran into Trevor who was out doing trail work. It's so appreciated to find volunteers out working hard to keep the trail open.
man with an axe

Yankee Springs is a State Recreation Area northwest of Battle Creek. There are about 6.5 miles of North Country Trail that pass through it. The area has a lot of rolling hills, so this hike will give you a nice little workout. This is where M-Live shot the footage for the awesome video of me two years ago. At the time, I was a little embarrassed at the publicity because I'd barely begun my attempt to hike the whole trail, and I wasn't positive I could to it. Now, that success story is complete!

There are other trails in the area as well, skiing, bicycling, and equestrian trails.
Yankee Springs

The sun was shining the day that video was made. Not today! But Hall Lake was beautiful in a different way.
Hall Lake Yankee Springs

Now I am home. I did an errand in Grand Rapids, and stopped to get groceries. I feel a big crash coming on, and since tomorrow is Sunday, I can't do a lot of local tasks that await anyway. I think I hear a book calling me.

Total miles hiked in 2024: 77.8 of which 7.7 is North Country Trail.

North Country Trail, Yankee Springs State Recreation Area, Michigan. M-179 TH to Norris Road TH. 6.5 miles.

See Salamonie Bloodroot Trail


Ann said...

The lake looks like it's frozen over. Enjoy the day of rest and reading.

Sharkbytes said...

I think there was patchy ice out there.