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Thursday, February 1, 2024

Stop 12- David, and Koteewi

  Here I am back in Indiana. I'm spending the night with another of the blogger friends, David aka Vanilla.

He often visits people in the local nursing home, and he particularly spends time with this lady, Heide, who is a shirttail relative of his. She followed my blog during the hike, and hoped to meet me. I found her own story fascinating. I do not have permission to share details, but she grew up in Germany before and during WWII. It would make a fantastic book! She is in her 90s.

My hike for the day was at the Koteewi (say ko-TAY-wee) Park in Strawtown, Indiana. This is a huge park with miles of trails, a Nature Center, and museum. (Also many other activities that I didn't pursue today). I did a 3-mile hike. Pictures from the trail mostly look brown and blah because of the season, but there are some views of the White River. The trail goes through woods and prairie. In the other three seasons, I'm sure it's lovely.
White river, Indiana
There is a large room for nature activities with turtles, snakes, frogs, etc in aquariums, skulls, skins, posters, things to explore. I liked this set up... it looks like it belongs in a fantasy adventure game.
nature research display

I thought this was fun. It's a stuffed beaver posed as if it's chewing a tree. I haven't seen one displayed that way before.
stuffed beaver

The museum included Native artifacts found on the site of the nature center grounds. There were three Native American cultures represented there. This dugout (actually burned out) canoe was found.
dugout canoe

Remains of at least two villages were found on the site. Some examples of parts of them have been recreated. Here is a bark house.
Native american bark house

The inside has low bunks/benches.
bark house interior

If you live anywhere near Indianapolis, IN, this is a wonderful resource. You can play, learn, probably volunteer... there was even a book trail for kids (where pages of a book are displayed along a pathway and kids can walk and read). There are 9 miles of trails. I only did one loop. From the looks of the facility, I'm sure that the nature activities for kids are outstanding.

There were some other trails closer to the middle of my drive, but I turned them down because I prefer a loop to an out-and-back, so I chose this. What a great find!

Total miles hiked in 2024: 64.7 of which 1.2 is North Country Trail.

Koteewi Park, IN. North Loop and spurs, 3.0 miles

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vanilla said...

And what a privilege for me that you chose to include me in you itinerary! Thank you for visiting, Sharkey.

Ann said...

What a neat place to visit

Lin said...

I love the beaver! Someone was very creative with the display...and that makes me laugh. Soooo glad you visited David. Makes us miss him even more though. Bummer that Heide wouldn't share her story as I think we all would love to hear it...good, bad, or indifferent.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "We never heard the term shirt-tail relative before! But now that we have, Dada says he has got a ton of them. We are glad you got to stop by there for a nice visit!"

vanilla said...

I recently used the term "shirttail relative" in describing my relationship to a lady who is a shirttail relative. She said she had never heard the term, but she liked it. Sharkey and Vanilla out to enlighten the world!

Sharkbytes said...

Vanilla-I was concerned that it would be too much work to put me up, but that was before I knew you had JoLynne helping.

Ann- It was an exceptionally good nature center.

Lin- The story still makes Heide cry. We did not press her for more details. David told me some of it later that she had shared with him eariler. I suggested she write some of it down. I don't know if she will.

Lulu- I think Heide qualifies. She is the wife of a brother-in-law. "family" but not really related. Does Dada remember Vanilla from blogging days?

Vanilla- we have lots of words. We've been collecting them for decades :D