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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rainbow, No Rain

Just a photo essay of rainbow colors today. Enjoy.

Red is red baneberry.

red baneberry

Orange is an impatiens I've managed to keep alive all summer. That's worth a smile!


Yellow is a hen and chick (Sempervivum) that grows really well in my sand and blooms occasionally.

yellow hen and chicks

Blue and green are impossibly trite, but I don't care, they were also quite lovely tonight.

blue sky

And purple is a whole raft of the naked lilies blooming just a little later than the others so I came home to some nice color.

naked lilies

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Anonymous said...

Once again, a poignant reminder of everyday beauty. Just what I needed. Thank you, Joan.

Small Kucing said...

love your "rainbow"

Ann said...

A lovely rainbow that is but where's the pot of gold? :)

vanilla said...

The "hen" bloomed here, too; but will that lead to more chicks?

Secondary Roads said...

Love that name, Semper Vivum. Makes me think of eternal life. Great rainbow you've shared with us.

RNSANE said...

All lovely. Your impatiens is especially nice and a blue sky with clouds always makes me happy.

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