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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Along the Way

It was a good day to travel. Very cold this morning, but the roads were fine. I left just at sunrise and the sky coughed up a sun pillar. It actually got a lot prettier, but I didn't stop for another picture

sun pillar

The cold made frost patterns form on the windshield.

frost patterns

And then, a tiny rainbow appeared in the ice crystals dancing in the air right in front of me. After I took the picture it was like I drove right through it!


The sun came out mid-day, but it was still frosty.

frosty trees

I arrived safely at Irene's just before dark. We visited a bit, and I have the Women's Health and Wellness show tomorrow. So after that, we'll work harder at having a good time.

My back doesn't tolerate that many hours in the car quite as well as it used to, but no real complaints. And I'm here safe and sound.

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Ann Thompson said...

What a great way to start and finish the day

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "We're glad you arrived safely!"
Chaplin: "Have a fun and productive trip!"

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