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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Best Purchases of 2018

As you've heard before, I hate shopping.

This was a pretty normal year, with only a couple of purchases worth mentioning as worthy.

The first item has become an ongoing purchase, or best "shopping find." I've been eating a lot of salads, and trying to incorporate a lot of dark greens. Since that goofy intestinal infection (that was never identified) I had in May of 2014, I've been working hard to re-establish my gut bacteria. Not such an easy task when they are all destroyed. I've been proclaiming myself at 100% OK for about 6 months, but I'm still trying to eat a lot of pre-biotics. (Please notice that it took FOUR YEARS to get my guts back to functioning correctly.)

So.. dark greens. I like kale. I like kale a lot. And it's cheap. But it gets pretty harsh day after day in the dinner salad. Spinach is usually $3 a bag or more and it gets slimy fast.

However, I've found these tubs of Artisan Lettuce at Aldi. Usually $1.79 or $1.89, and they contain four little heads, usually two green, two red. Sometimes the green ones are two different kinds of lettuce. They last very well, and don't get slimy. I mix them with boring old iceberg. Yummy!

artisan lettuce

You've already seen the other great purchase, made before my Midland to Mackinac hike. But what you don't know is that these shoes fit so well I ordered a second pair. I should be good on shoes for a while!

New Balance shoes

And just for something more natural, no purchase required, here's tonight's sunset.

New Balance shoes

In other news: I ordered enough books for my upcoming trip east (sticker shock!), did more bookwork, and re-installed some software I need to be able to begin work on North Country Quest again. Tried to find something I wrote a couple of years ago. No luck. Hope it's not lost, but who knows?

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Ann said...

I haven't been to Aldis in years. I'm going to have to go to see if I can find that lettuce.
Good thinking on the shoes.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Our favorite purchase from 2018 was the new wand toy with the plastic spring and the mouse on the end."
Chaplin: "It's not a mouse. It's a bird."
Charlee: "Mouse."
Chaplin: "Bird. It has feathers."
Charlee: "Not once I chewed them off. After that, it turned into a mouse."
Chaplin: "Oh, all right, it's a mouse."
Charlee: "Birrrrd."

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