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Monday, January 21, 2019

Moon - Sun - Moon

Everyone has been posting pictures of last night's Super Blood Wolf Moon on Facebook. But I guess that won't stop me from adding my own version. Picture taken at 11:35 last night.

Super Blood Wolf Moon

There was sunshine all day, even though it was cold. Started out at -6 degrees, but warmed up to 18 in the afternoon. Sun hung in there, and provided a molten gold sunset.


Just a couple of hours later, that old moon just showed up again, but golden this time.

golden moon

In other news: I did get my act together. Finished writing a chapter, did errands mostly associated with getting the car ready for a long trip. Did other pre-trip necessities and preparations.

See 2014 lunar eclipse
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Ann said...

I never even saw the moon last night. Thanks for sharing this one.
The highest I saw here yesterday was 13 and I did see the sun for a little bit

Secondary Roads said...

I missed that super blood moon. I think I started looking too late. Oh well . . .

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