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Monday, January 7, 2019

Orange and Blue, All Right, All Right

The colors for my highschool were orange and blue. We yelled Orange and Blue, Fight, Fight! But no fighting is required for this selection of orange and blue. They were both winners with no competition.

Yesterday, a pair of bluebirds were hanging around my yard. I'm always amazed to see them in the winter, but I often do. One liked to stay above the ground.


The other one stayed low until they both flew away.


Actually, you get orange and blue with just the bluebirds. But I do have more orange for you.

There was a recipe for sweet potato chips on the bag that I bought for Christmas. Thought I'd try them. First change: I used about a quarter of the butter they said was needed, and they were still plenty buttery. I think I could cut that back even more. Second change: the recipe called for finely crushed honey roasted peanuts to be sprinkled on them before baking. That might be good, but I didn't have any. And I didn't much care.

The verdict: pretty good. Probably a fairly healthy snack with the butter (margarine... whatever) cut back even more.

sweet potato chips

In other news: I got three hours worth of hike tapes transferred to digital and enough background noise removed that they are much easier to listen to. This is huge! I studied the maps and other notes for chapter 3, and wrote 631 words. I'll see if I think they are words worth keeping tomorrow. Cleaned the bathroom!

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1 comment:

Ann said...

I've never spotted a bluebird around here. They're so pretty.
The sweet potato chips sound good but I doubt I would use the peanuts even if I did have them.

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