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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Spirit of the Woods Hike - January 2019

Today was the monthly Spirit of the Woods hike, and we had 13 hikers! Since it was out and back, people could choose their own distance. About half turned around to do a five mile hike, but some of us stuck with it and did the full eight miles. This is at the bridge over Jenks Creek.

Jenks Creek Bridge

The fog was still lurking in some places. I liked the way it looked at one of the two-track crossings.

foggy road with trees

We walked through Sterling Marsh, where I hiked with Cathy last fall.

Sterling Marsh

This sign about wetlands is posted near the marsh, but I don't think I've showed it on the blog before. Our youngest hiker, Sophie (not the dog Sophie of course!) says she's going to try for the Hike 100 Challenge this year.

hikers by interpretive sign

And I have to show you the sunrise again. The foggy frost was really cool.


After hiking, six of us went out to get something to eat and visit. That was fun because three of those people are always way out front and I don't get to talk with them very much.

Hike 100 2019: 8 miles

In other news: I did a little bit of bookwork and made split pea soup.

North Country Trail, 76th St to 96th St and back, Lake County, Michigan

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See Sterling Marsh with Cathy
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1 comment:

Ann said...

It looks cold. I like the way the fog looks in that second picture. Nice that you were all able to visit afterwards

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