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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Ludington School Forest

Today was non-stop. I spent the morning getting things ready for all my afternoon and evening appointments and meetings. But I'll put all that in other news.

I did have time to take a walk at the Ludington School Forest. They have about a mile of trail, all flat, but it is nice to have a wooded loop within the city. There was no snow on most of it, but this area must have more shade.

winter trail

It's mostly young woods, but there are a few older trees.

large maple tree in winter

The temperature was above freezing, but there was a bitter wind and I froze to death (should have worn one more layer). Not complaining, though. At least I got in a walk somewhere a little bit different.

One of my appointments was to interview someone about the walkability of Ludington (for my next newspaper column). He mentioned the new sidewalks in back of the hospital that make it possible to walk to many of the assisted living facilities, so I also went to check those out.


In other news: It's really all other news today. I did get one more hour of tapes transferred. Then interview as mentioned. Tax meeting about a bill from the state that is not mine. Then meeting at the library. Then I walked and got some dinner. Then writers' group tonight. That's more than enough for one day!

See Warm Walk, Not Wet
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Ann said...

That's a lot to cram into one day. Busy, busy

Marie Smith said...

The first photo draws one in...

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