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Friday, September 3, 2021

Crystal Hills 4 - One Big Hill

  Today was all road walk. I was expecting a challenge because it was not blazed, and it looked like a lot of twists and turns on the map, possibly with a zillion unmarked two tracks going off. It turned out the following the route wasn't a challenge at all. Even the section the map said was undriveable turned out to be fine. I drove it on the way back to retrieve Marie's car.

The challenge of the day was the fact that the road went straight up 550 feet in a couple of miles of walking. But we couldn't complain about the views from the top. view of hills

The fall flowers are bright and cheerful- goldenrod and New England Aster.
goldenrod and aster

After we got to the top, the road was paved and went straight down 650 feet, into Painted Post. This chimney looks as if it might have been part of an old cabin that burned down. stone chimney

But I found this amusing- little trees are growing out of the top! small trees growing on a stone chimney

Nature was working on decorating this spruce for Christmas with garlands of Moonseed vine.
spruce draped with moonseed vines

Best find of the day? Right in town! An 8-point buck in velvet. buck in velvet

Miles hiked- only 8.2, but we are surprisingly tired. Not sure why. Could be the hill, could just be day 4. The weather was lovely- high 60s and slightly cloudy.

Crystal Hills Branch of the Finger Lakes Trail. Beeman Hollow Road to Kinsella Park in Erwin, NY. 8.2 miles

See Crystal Hills Waterfall

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Ann said...

That is quite a hill. That would be enough to make me tired.