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Friday, September 10, 2021

Letchworth 2 - Nice Trail

  Today, we hiked 10.6 hilly miles, and our legs are weary, but not feeling bad. Hooray! The trail was beautiful. Letchworth Trail

There were some really big trees. This is a white pine. It's the biggest one we saw, although we were supposedly within a mile of the largest tree in the park, a sycamore. The directions to it were sketchy, though. large white pine

Here are the upper branches of our pine. large white pine branches

Old turkeytail fungus is often as pretty as fresh. turkeytail fungus

The most significant feature of the day was the many gullies that had to be crossed (the source of the hills which were technically valleys). Water was not running in most of them. If it had been there would have been many, many lovely small and medium waterfalls. But it also would have been a lot more slippery. We'll settle for just seeing pretty rocks. gully with shale

Just another gully that we walked beside and across. gully

We had dinner with Irene. Wonderful day.

Letchworth Branch of the Finger Lakes Trail, Livingstone County, NY, Access H to E (approximately Dygert Rd to River Rd a half mile north of Frost Rd).

See Yellow Blazes


Unknown said...

Is that tree with the green stuff at the base really a white pine?

I really like the blog, and am continually been inspired by your tenacity.

--- Gene Zalubas (couldn't figure out how to appear as other than unknown)

Ann said...

That first picture makes me want to jump right in the picture and follow that trail.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Gene- yes it is!

Ann- Perfect- that's what I hope to make people want.

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